The Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence

What Is It and When Was It Founded?
The Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE India) is a not-for-profit (NPO) development organisation that was founded in Delhi in 2001 by a group of urbanists. 

Where and What?
Aimed at improving the lives of the urban poor, CURE believes in partnering with communities. It strives to deliver an equitable level of service across communities, in a connected and comprehensive manner that builds urban resilience. 

Impact on the Built Environment
CURE implements innovative slum upgrade projects. It offers alternative approaches to more traditional city planning, and encourages city administrators to un-think and de-engineer their current policy guidelines and solutions. 

CURE is currently working with more than 50 low-income settlements in Delhi, mobilising people and designing ecologically sustainable technology for infrastructure, water, sanitation and job support.

Benefits to the Community
The communities in which CURE works have become cleaner, more prosperous and more integrated, owing to improved access to sanitation and other basic amenities. Access to infrastructure has helped people to upgrade their homes, and has improved their overall sense of wellbeing. CURE’s activities have also resulted in greater inclusivity of communities within New Delhi, by better connecting people with local government. The organisation works towards long-term prosperity for communities, by encouraging changes in behavior, and helping people to generate sustainable livelihoods.