The lesson we learnt was the reinforcement of the concept of resourcefulness i.e. achieving the maximum ends with the minimum means

The table top did this wonderfully at US$500 per unit. We were amazed at how easily the idea was taken up by local people. It affirmed our view that poor people - whilst generally not well educated - are acutely tuned in to the world of opportunity and can see possibilities in contexts where most of us would see only problems.  The excitement and commitment that the project generated was ample evidence of the power that an idea like this can have in providing people with hope for the future. The development of the table top also affirmed our view that there is a role for the architect to play in the provision of housing opportunities for poor people. Rather than seek to find new ways of being an architect in the world the project affirmed to us that good design, spatial understanding and a thorough knowledge of tectonics can bring substantial benefits to the kind of housing opportunities that should be opened up to the urban poor in rapidly transforming cities.

[Jo Noero, Noero Architects]